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Just as the skin is the biggest organ to the body, carpets can be the biggest investment in a house or facility. Well-maintained carpets can easily last for more than two decades and can contribute to the good health of the tenants or residents.

How often to clean your carpet


  • Almost 5 billion pounds or over 690 million square feet of carpet are sent to landfill each year (Source: US EPA)

  • Billions of liters of fresh water is used for carpet cleaning each year

  • Millions of kilowatt hours of electricity is used to dry carpet that is wet cleaned through the HVAC system and fans

  • Wet carpet cleaning contributes to millions of dollars of mold remediation because of improper drying procedures




Hard Surface vs. Soft Surface

  • A hard surface floor does not trap and hold dirt

  • A soft surface floor/carpet does trap and hold the dirt.

    • A carpet can hold its own weight in dirt and still look good, i.e. 2 pounds of dirt in a 30 oz./sq.yd.

    • A carpet can hold 2 times its weight in dirt before people begin to notice, i.e. 4 pounds of dirt in a 30 oz./sq.yd.

  • 90% of the dirt that gets on a carpet in a building is tracked on by people's shoes, from inside or outside hard surfaces. Airborne dirt and dust makes up the other 10%, coming in through windows, doors, airborne cooking grease and the HVAC system



  • 1 micron is a millionth of a meter or 1 inch divided into 25,400 parts

  • An average size of most bacteria is 2 microns

  • GreenDry Carpet Cleaning uses eVAC with a 6-stage filtration system that traps particles as small as 1 micron in size at 99% efficiency (optional: add a HEPA media filter can trap particles as small as 0.3 micron at 99.97% efficiency)

What are picked up from our dry carpet cleaning method

Spot, Spill, Stain

  • Spot (removable stain) - a substance that is on the fiber or yarn surface and can be 

    removed using correct spot removal procedures.

  • Spill - a wet substance that is on the fiber or yarn surface and can be removed using correct spot removal procedures.

  • Stain - a substance that has permanently damaged or changed the color of the fiber. It cannot be removed.


Sterilizing, Disinfecting, Sanitizing 

  • Sterilize - to kill all living bacteria and fungi and their spores via

    1. Steam under pressure for at least 12 minutes

    2. Ethylene oxide gas for 1-2 minutes

    3. Chemical sporicide for 3 or more hours

    • It is not possible to sterilize carpet.

  • Disinfect - to kill all living bacteria but not their spores via

    1. Immerse in boiling water for at least 2 minutes

    2. Immerse in a chemical germicide (e.g. alcohol, chlorine) or bactericide for at least 10 minutes

    • It is not possible to disinfect carpet. 

  • Sanitize - does not kill microbes but to reduce the total number of microbes by cleaning, e.g.

    1. Taking out the garbage

    2. Washing the dishes

    3. Wiping an area with a soapy cloth

    4. HOST cleaning the carpet

    •  When you clean a carpet with GreenDry Carpet Cleaning, you sanitize it.

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